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Discussion meeting to the project LAST MILE

Another discussion meeting held in the Slovak Paradise on November 22, 2017

Another regional meeting was held within the LAST MILE project in the area of Slovak Paradise. The meeting addressed the topics of accessibility of tourism centres and the possibility of creating flexible transport systems in the region. At the meeting examples of good practices of flexible transport solutions from Bulgaria, Luxembourg and Poland were presented. One of the presentations also dealt with the proposal of a step-by-step proposals for removing the legislative barriers in connection with the implementation of flexible transport in Slovakia. The process of selecting actions and measures for the Action Plan development was also presented. The meetings were attended by representatives of the Regional Tourism Organization Slovenský raj & Spiš, mayors from the villages of the Slovak Paradise, providers of tourism services as well as representatives of the transport providers. 

pptx  Presentation_Kiraľvargová

pptx  Presentation_Dutková

pptx  Presentation_Klimovská

pptx  Presentation_Pižem

pptx  Presentation_Hužvík

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