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Symposium on Spatial Planning Following Disasters

Worldwide, the urban development and disaster management arena finds itself at a critical crossroads, as rapid urbanization (and de-urbanization) as well as a growing volume of damage caused by natural (and un-natural) disasters are increasingly affecting urban and rural inhabitants. The role that spatial planning plays is becoming increasingly important, and experiences in rebounding from disasters have led to advances in the field of spatial planning.

This Symposium aims to bring together experiences and knowledge of spatial planning after significant disasters, and highlight on-going efforts to improve spatial resilience across the globe. One of the main goals is to understand the influence of significant disasters on spatial planning and spatial resiliency. This symposium  will invite 10 experts from five countries: Indonesia, Germany, Japan, Slovakia, and the US. They will be speaking about their experiences and efforts to rebuild their communities in a more resilient manner after major disasters. Experts will publicly deliver presentations about their on-going efforts.


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