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ZIP – Zipping and Innovating the Development Planning of the Cross-Border SK-UA Territory

Project partly financed by Norwegian Finance Mechanism and Budget of Slovak republic.

Goal of the project is to closely tie cooperation in the Slovak - Ukrainian cross-border region in the sphere of planning of development activities through a joint innovative planning process so as to face socio-economic and environmental threats to the project target region on one hand, and utilizing its potential for local economic development on the other.

Why this project?

Project activities:

  1. Creation of the Project Expert Working Group (PEWG).
  2. Survey of the current situation in the project target region in the sphere of development planning, analysis of the possibilities of their closer integration (zipping), or eventual elimination of contradictions.
  3. Preparation of the local development cross-border strategy.
  4. Preparation of the concrete common cross-border project proposals.
  5. Development and promotion of recommendations for regional and local self government.
  6. Dissemination of the project results.

All activities will be jointly implemented and intensively communicated within the Slovakia-Ukraine-Norway project partnership, including the other experts involved.

What will be in the end of the project?

pdf  project booklet